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An award-winning high school biology curriculum

57 high interest and engaging investigations are the heart of Biology: As Scientific Inquiry.

BASI Curriculum


One set of all 8 units to evaluate the curriculum

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Price List and Ordering Information

Biology: As Scientific Inquiry comes bound as eight separate units. Each unit contains text and lab investigations combined. Units I and II are essential and should precede the use of Units III through VIII, which can be used in any order. Selected units can be omitted. A list of necessary lab supplies and equipment for each unit is available upon request if you are planning to order in quantity.

Order one set of all 8 units to preview the curriculum:

  • $67.70 — "Biology: As Scientific Inquiry," student set of 8 manuals.
  • (Lab and text integrated bound separately.)
  • We ship one set of 8 to anywhere in the US for $6.10

View and print the price list or you may order materials from the prices and instuctions below:

Item Price
(Prices subject to change as printing costs fluctuate)
Unit I Intro. to Biology and the Scientific Method (92 pgs.) $7.20
Unit II Cells and Cell Processes (176 pgs.) $13.12
Unit III Animal and Human Processes (160 pgs.) $12.08
Unit IV Plant Processes (80 pgs.) $6.48
Unit V Reproduction and Development (98 pgs.) $7.28
Unit VI Genetics (104 pgs.) $8.72
Unit VII Classification and Evolution (74 pgs.) $6.80
Unit VIII Ecology, Interdisciplinary (92 pgs.) $7.68

Teacher Supplements

The following teacher supplements are available at the listed prices, only if a classroom set of a unit is ordered. Prices of supplements are reduced accordingly if less than 8 units are ordered. Supplement samples are available upon request at no charge.

Item Price
(Prices subject to change as printing costs fluctuate)
Teacher’s Manual for setting up all lab investigations $15.50
Teacher’s Version of all 8 units (All answers included) $73.00
Unit Exams (1 set of 8) and answer keys for all 8 units $39.95
1 Computer Disk containing all unit exams and a final exam: Includes site license to use all items and modify or create own exams. Appropriate for Mac or PC. (CD disk only) $65.75
Quiz masters (1 set of 31) and answer keys for selected topics from all 8 units $38.95
Lab Performance Based Assessment Modules — Consists of 8 laboratory assessments, to be used quarterly to evaluate student skills in applying problem-solving skills in the laboratory. $26.20
Answer Grading Sheets for Questions in All 8 Units $22.00
Student Unit Work Schedule sheets for all 8 Units. Enables students and teacher to keep track of unit daily work. $7.00
Color LCD containing over 300 quality images for projection with LCD projector. Contains images for every Unit. Or can print color transparencies from disk $149.00
Glow sticks for lab 2-1 For each set of 25 light sticks $10.00

Four ways to order:

  1. Mail or fax us a district purchase order.
    Washington residents please add sales tax of 9.5%
  2. Send us a personal check made payable to Connecting Point NW. List what you want to order. Use prices above. Mail orders to:
    • Connecting Point NW, Number Six Lindley Road,
    • Mercer Island, WA 98040
    • or FAX to (206) 230-8360
    • e-mail:
  3. Pay through your PayPal Account then follow PayPal's instructions.
    (Add 3% of total order amount to cover PayPal fees- Send money to
  4. Credit card: Call us at 206 230-8360 and provide credit card info. (Add 3% for this service)

Add $6.10 to ship one set of 8 manuals to anyplace in the US.

  • Phone: (206) 230-8360
  • Mobile Phone: (206) 902-6215
  • Or order through your PayPal account

Who Uses BASI


Biology: As Scientific Inquiry has energized my classroom.  Students are challenged to think clearly, work together, problem solve, and apply the scientific method in labs and classroom activities.”

Tim Krell, Biology teacher, Riverside School District, Carnation, Washington

“I have been completely and thoroughly impressed with Biology: As Scientific Inquiry and owe the successes this year, in great measure, to Mr. Thompson’s curriculum.”

Dan Shannon, biology teacher, Moeler High School, Cincinnati, OH

“I think the tactics and ideas in Biology: As Scientific Inquiry are terrific!  This is what all science teaching/learning should be: grade one through grad school."

Dr. Gordon Murphy, Professor, Department of Biology, University of Oregon, Eugene

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