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Connecting Point NW markets an award-winning high school biology curriculum and K-12 science teacher in-service to the nation’s school districts.

BASI Curriculum

One set of all 8 units to evaluate the curriculum

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BASI Curriculum

Mr. Thompson's published work, Biology: As Scientific Inquiry, an 825 page text and lab manual has been designated as a "program of excellence," and appears in the 1995 volume of Promising Practices in Mathematics and Science Education, U.S. Department of Education. Mr. Thompson was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching for his teaching and for creating Biology: As Scientific Inquiry.

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Biology: As Scientific Inquiry has energized my classroom.  Students are challenged to think clearly, work together, problem solve, and apply the scientific method in labs and classroom activities.”

Tim Krell, Biology teacher, Riverside School District, Carnation, Washington

“I have been completely and thoroughly impressed with Biology: As Scientific Inquiry and owe the successes this year, in great measure, to Mr. Thompson’s curriculum.”

Dan Shannon, biology teacher, Moeler High School, Cincinnati, OH

“I think the tactics and ideas in Biology: As Scientific Inquiry are terrific!  This is what all science teaching/learning should be: grade one through grad school."

Dr. Gordon Murphy, Professor, Department of Biology, University of Oregon, Eugene

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