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Welcome to the free handouts page for the Award-Winning Inquiry Lab Activities for High School Biology.

BASI Curriculum


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Biology Inquiry lab Activities

The inquiry lab activities presented at the recent National Science Teachers' Association conference by Ron Thompson are listed below: The teachers' set-up information is included at the end of each activity. The files are PDF files that can be printed for use in your classroom.

Click on any of the five activities:You will need to return to this page to select each new lab activity. Each can be printed.

  1. GlowStick.pdf
  2. Snail Lab.pdf
  3. Combustion.pdf
  4. Transpiration.pdf
  5. Assesment Fish.pdf

Copyright Information

These activities are from Ron Thompson's copyrighted high school curriculum, Biology: As Scientific Inquiry, adopted in over 37 states. Those visiting this site are granted permission to use the activities for their students only.

Who Uses BASI


Biology: As Scientific Inquiry has energized my classroom.  Students are challenged to think clearly, work together, problem solve, and apply the scientific method in labs and classroom activities.”

Tim Krell, Biology teacher, Riverside School District, Carnation, Washington

“I have been completely and thoroughly impressed with Biology: As Scientific Inquiry and owe the successes this year, in great measure, to Mr. Thompson’s curriculum.”

Dan Shannon, biology teacher, Moeler High School, Cincinnati, OH

“I think the tactics and ideas in Biology: As Scientific Inquiry are terrific!  This is what all science teaching/learning should be: grade one through grad school."

Dr. Gordon Murphy, Professor, Department of Biology, University of Oregon, Eugene

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